New Limited Edition GTA 3 Claude Speed Action Figure Is Ready to Steal Your Car

In honor of the 10th Anniversary of GTA III Rockstar Games has announced a new, limited edition 12" Claude action figure. This amazingly detailed 12" figure brings everyone's favorite GTA III protagonist to life. Read the full review and see some high resolution pictures of this new product.

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SpaceSquirrel3572d ago

That looks great. I can't believe it's been a decade already since GTA3

BlackTar1873572d ago

yea it does look awesome TBH and i can't believe its only been a decade lol.

3572d ago
HebrewHammer3572d ago

paid mine in full last week.

TheColbertinator3572d ago

10 years pass by when you're having fun.GTA 3,GTA Vice City,Metal Gear Solid 3,Okami...awesome times.

MultiConsoleGamer3572d ago

You know it brother. One of the best times in gaming history. The hits just kept coming.

Drabent3572d ago

Did they change psn store update time? It's 7:12 here.

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