1UP- Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster Review

1UP: "If you don't have children and are seeking a game to justify the Kinect, well, the very same messages about positive social interaction and the like could grow cloying or grating; and the co-op/child-friendly activities won't be engaging on their own. Maybe you'll be amused by narrating something bizarre or off-color for the "tell a story" sequence, but overall, the game doesn't lend itself to party gaming like, say, Rock Band or Dance Central.

Even though it's not the deepest game around, the very fact that Double Fine has made an edutainment title that works and is respectable rather than terrible is commendable. Once Upon A Monster won't fulfill the role of the traditional killer app for the Kinect; it instead fulfills the oft-neglected role of "great title to introduce children to games without making them ragequit."

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