IGN: Check Out L.A. Noire on PC

IGN: Did you miss Rockstar's tale of crime and cool facial animations earlier this year? Here's a look at the upcoming PC version.

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BiggCMan3535d ago

This is great news! I had not known they were making a PC version, so i'm very happy. I didn't get the chance to play it yet on my PS3 or 360, as I didn't feel it was really worth 60 dollars from what I was hearing from other gamers. So this is nice that they are including every piece of content, look forward to giving it a go on my new build.

fluffydelusions3535d ago

Game gets extremely repetitive. This was my main issue with the game.

rattletop3535d ago

how good is the game? i am not sure if should buy it or not.

caboose323535d ago

Like fluffy said, it gets really repetitive after a while.

Pick it up during the Steam winter sale if anything.

Kakihara3535d ago

To be honest this game was my biggest disappointment of this gen after the first Assassin's creed. It felt similar too, like a great concept that just wasnt followed through in execution.

rattletop3535d ago

hmm. then not buying this. Anyways i have Batman to play during november.

anonym3535d ago

"Players can set resolution, framerate, anti-aliasing (up to 6X), anisotropic filtering (up to 4X)..."

Is that a typo? Those are some strange options for AA and AF.

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