Is Modern Warfare 3 being unfairly attacked?

CVG: The greatest measure of Call of Duty's success is how many people want to see it fail.

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Wizziokid3573d ago

"Is Modern Warfare 3 being unfairly attacked?"


WhiteLightning3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

People are starting to have some common sense...and now it's classed as attacking <sigh>

Worst part is you get called a Battlefield 3 fanboy who is a graphics lover...I don't really play on FPS much but B3 will be better quality and probably worth your money.

JhawkFootball063572d ago

Don't go chasing waterfalls.

WhiteLightning3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

Did you just quote a TLC song

Are you trying to do what they did on The Other Guys :)

DasBunker3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

i dont want it fail.. i want it to IMPROVE so i can have another decent game to play...

this is coming from a guy who rented MW2 and BO and didnt bother much with this franchise

EDIT: @Stan

yeah im sure it has nothing to do with how broken their games are on every platform and the extreme milking and how it all feels like rehashed stuff...

we've come to a point where you cant dislike something popular without getting the "oh so you feel cool" shit.. plz.

StanLee3572d ago

The only place I see this negativity towards Call of Duty is on gaming sites and that's a small minority of the overall gaming community. Look at the numbers that continue to play and enjoy Call of Duty, continue to purchase DLC and enjoy new content. Call of Duty is a social and cultural phenomenon and that's why it gets the hate it does. Success breeds envy.

MrSpace3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )


"Success breeds envy"


Here we go with "It's hated because it's popular" BS, it's hated because it's crap and the developers have no passion for the franchise only peoples money...they do miminal work on the game each year, look at Asassins Creed Brotherhood, Revelations...they were made in a year and they both look fantastic.

Battlefield 3 graphics show us that DICE have cared about this game since it first started development, that they are trying their best, that their pushing the hardware and will do anything to push the competition. IW just don't give a crap and that's why it's still running on old them all you guys are, are giant SUCKERS.

I hate that whole "Success breeds envy" BS....people hate on things because they deserve to be hated on...even popular things. Lady GaGa because she's manufactured yet gays/lesbians think she is god when she's not...she's just using that audience to keep her self relevent, like she really gives a crap about them she just cares for their money and if they will buy her album. For Justin Beiber...well it's because he's a prick who is only "popualr" because he's captured the hearts of 13=5 year old girls that probably don't even give a shit about his music, tell the truth I bet not every girl would look at him in that way if he wasn't popualr, plus he used to sing on Youtube...AND lots of people do and most are better then Bieber yet there not superstars.

See there is a reason behind everything....not just random hate. COD fanboys always bring up the same crappy argument

StanLatMarveldotCom3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

@ MrSpace

To say Call of Duty is crap is pure BS. Call of Duty is the only online multiplayer experience that truly gives each player the tools to play the way he or she wants to. There is no other online multiplayer experience that can lay claim to being as accessible. Each iteration brings new challenges of balance but it also brings new gamers to a community that's growing. Keep screaming graphics this or graphics that like that makes a game better or worse. Again, that's BS. The core gameplay of Call of Duty hasn't changed since Call of Duty 4 and you know what, that's reason for the franchise's continued success. There are more people online playing Black Ops right now than there are registered users on this site and that's only on the XBox 360. There are more people online right now playing COD4 than are playing BFBC2. That says more than your trivial complaints about graphics.

ginsunuva3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

Why do people act like they must buy either bf3 or mw3 this fall as if everyone needs some sort of fps?

Why not put that money toward something good like Uncharted 3?

Somebody3572d ago

There's no way to satisfy the blood lust :

Using the SAME game engine for a decade - good business sense or just milking the same old cow.

Using a NEW game engine - risk taker or a graphic whore.

As much as I like the Battlefield series and I already pre-ordered BF3, EA/DICE did leave one bad impression on me: Battlefield 1943 for the PC.

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LOGICWINS3572d ago

Anyone is entitled to attack MW3 all they want...whether it will actually accomplish anything is a completely different story.

badz1493572d ago

"The greatest measure of Call of Duty's success is how many people want to see it fail."

WRONG! I think more people want to see they improve it to a new level! they can start with the graphic for example. WTH is with the copy and paste codes since CoD4 from 2007?

CoD is among the highest if not the highest grossing franchise this gen or maybe ever, but they can't even update their game engine? that's BS at the highest level! they could do it but they just don't want to but instead, introducing the Elite! another BS attempt to dig deeper into the fans' pockets!

LOGICWINS3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

"WTH is with the copy and paste codes since CoD4 from 2007?"

Simple answer to a simple question.

Because they don't have to. Why work hard and build a new engine when you know that the masses will eat your game up based on the name alone?

Its more the gamers fault than the devs fault because WE give THEM the power. If WE spend $60 on the SAME thing each year...what is the logical thing to do? Continue giving us the same thing each year and slowly raise the price each year.

StanLatMarveldotCom3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

Why change a formula that works? That the community, the people who play the game and not bitch and moan on websites, continue to support and demand more of? The formula works, plain and simple. Give the community more maps, more guns, more perks, more killstreaks, more combinations that make the core gameplay continually engaging. That's what they want; A place to express individuality in playing the way you want to, with people who share that same passion. That's why it works. Call of Duty IS a sandbox.

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Brosy3573d ago

I don't think it's unfair. It's true every year Activision releases a copy and paste job with the COD name slapped on the side. If they were somehow making the game better it might be a different call. But as it stands they deserve the critism.This is just my opinion of course but it's the truth.

LOGICWINS3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

A lot of people think that COD games DO get better every year...thats why they sell buttloads each year. This isn't my opinion, numbers don't lie.

Do I personally think that COD games are worth buying each year? HELL NO lol.

Hicken3572d ago

WHO thinks to games get better every year? I've never heard anyone I could take seriously say that. Most of what you hear- on this site or anywhere- is about how the core is the same: how you can still hop on and play, how all your friends are still there. If by "new" you mean different killstreaks, maps, and some weapons, then I encourage you to find a new hobby.

When it comes to an FPS, those things should be expected. But those are the ONLY things that change in Call of Duty. The franchise has stagnated. Stagnation has never equaled improvement, so no one with common sense can argue that it is "better" this year than last year.

The numbers mean whatever you want them to mean. That's the problem with numbers. They just sit there, and then you get to tell someone what they're supposed to mean. To me, the numbers mean most people aren't even paying attention to how repetitive Call of Duty has become, which is par for the course when it comes to the "sheep" mentality that plagues the mainstream, or pop culture.

Think for yourself. You even claim that you don't think they're worth buying each year, yet you try to defend people that DO think so. Since you're so keen on logic, I'm certain you have VERY good reasons for why you think the way you do. And if they're logic-based, that can only mean that those whose opinions differ from your own are NOT using logic.

Problem: too many examples of you NOT using logic, for one. For another, the "numbers" could very well mean something else, as I stated before.

C'mon, man. You gotta act like you deserve those bubbles.

iamnsuperman3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

Criticism is great for any developer. My biggest gripe however is the immature attitude by some towards people who play Call of Duty. Some like you are not a real gamer if you play Call of duty is not only dumb but very childish. Also the non constructive criticise. Just saying is sucks and how X is better is not helpful. I think what COD needs to do is re-event them selves with a new engine which I doubt will come this generation but next. The MW engine is fine for 60fps a lot going on type of gameplay. They just need to improve the graphical level because the gameplay has its own crowd who enjoy it.

Hufandpuf3573d ago

I hear about needed changes, but I don't see any.

SOD_Delta3572d ago

I used to bash CoD, but lately other MP games I've played are but boring to me. MW is my favorite MP series. I know retail BF3 will be great, but that beta really turned me off from the game. The console version of BF3 was awful (IMO) PC was way better. I just think Dice chose the wrong map to represent Battlefield.

Anyways my whole point is nothing will be accomplished by bashing/attacking any game. If you don't like it, don't buy it.

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