Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - NYCC 11: New Weapons Walkthrough (Cam)

Take a look at some of the new weapons that are at your disposal in Global Offensive.

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clrlite3566d ago

one of my most anticipated games

SolidStoner3566d ago

I think it will outsell and be more popular than COD games.. I can say I started on CS 1.5.. now I am on COD and battlefield.. I can see myself going back to the core begining.....

Peppy la Moca3566d ago

Be realistic....Even at the lower price point it won't outsell COD on either console.

SolidStoner3565d ago

I ment for a far future! not instant outsell..

xPrOzAK--3565d ago

i wish this game fucks COD ass