Forget Batman, Professor Layton is gaming's greatest detective

People consider Batman to be the world's greatest detective. Well, here's why Professor Layton really deserves that title.

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Pikajew3575d ago

I wouldn't classify Batman as a gaming detective, he is a comic detective.

Sadie21003575d ago

True, but he still has to solve stuff in the games, too, right? :)

illegalyouth3575d ago

"Maybe I'm being too hard on Batman. I mean, he's only had 72 years to work on this." That had me rolling on the floor!

Whitefeather3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

No, Batman wins. He's the god damned Batman now STFU.

NagaSotuva3575d ago

But can Professor Layton defeat Galactus if given a week to prepare? Probably.

lorianguy3575d ago

Batman vs Layton in a fight... hmm....

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