Insomniac: Why Resistance Needs 22 Gigs

Why the massive storage requirements? Easy: HD visuals and audio, huge levels, and HD-level movies

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BIadestarX5860d ago

at least he was honest, "Game cinemas also share some of the blame, as Resistance will offer game moves in high-def HD and PAL formats, audio for all supported languages, as well as "some of those Insomniac 'extras' that our fans have come to expect." I hope the loading time do not destroy the experience. This games is a most have for PS3 fans.

tatical5859d ago

Blu-Ray also uses MPEG2 for its HD video. It's an old and inefficient codec (commpression & quality wise) compared to VC-1 which is used by HD-DVD.

xrobbanx5860d ago

This is the third time this news is added

TheMART5860d ago

Come on. We all know it's not because of HD ingame stuff. Because that doesn't add as much on the data to use to let it expand this way.

As is with the audio, also not the problem. Huge levels? Seen Oblivion? That just used about 5 GB. THat's also not true

THe only reason 22 GB is used, is

1. HD CGI footage used mixed to ingame material and passages in between levels. The shock with the actual ingame stuff will be massive then

2. Talk Sony to the mouth-marketing. BluRay is needed, really....

3. Lame programming. Just lame programming. And guys don't defend 22 GB it's just undefendable

achira5860d ago

theMart it seems that you have never played Oblivion! Oblivion is big, yes thats true, but it has no details and has alot of repetitions. there are only over 5 kinds of caves, and the forest is always the same. they used alot of precedural stuff, there are not unique things, everything seems equal. on one place there are many flowers, and on the other place there are also the same many flowers. this does not take level data, it only takes a code instruction a la "place flowers xy there", "place flowers yx there". do you understand this ? Another reason are the textures, there are more then poor. Oblivion is a bad example !

TheMART5860d ago

Yes I played Oblivion, but did you also? Ofcourse games use some stuff again. Oblivion is not better then PC textures, because it was a port due to the fact it was so early in the 360 life cycle when brought out.

22 GB is just not needed for large levels that's my point. It just won't. Look at large games in the past, any large game. Did they take up to the max DL-DVD capacity? NO

Needs it now? NO

Textures? Seen the 96KB 3D game? It's all in programming, right compression, new techniques. For real. The 22 GB needed in Resistance is because of CGI footage between the actual gameplay. Like MGS has so many irritating movies after walking a few seconds. That's not the way I like my games

Just wait till november and see Gears of War with great textures, large levels, good sound and good gameplay. Just using a DL-DVD and it'll fit just nice on it.

22 GB is lame programming and much CGI stuff! Period

Sidherich5860d ago

while it is certainly possible to do it the other way (unique models everywhere) the thing is: Who makes all these individual flowers?

creating art assets is an expensive thing. So game developers have to copy things in order to maintain a certain budget.

and it will certainly be the case that they reuse many models in Resistance. But the difference is that they might not save it like Oblivion. So instead of saying "place flower XY there" they might say "place flower XY there, then save the whole flower instead of only the position"

But even that is highly doubtable because it will increase your memory footprint unnecessarily and you will get longer loading times because it might have to load that same flower about 500x.

ACE5860d ago

you have NOT playd OBLIVIAN by the looks of things . every thing u said is a lie . as for the post , it dosnt take a rocket scientist to figure that CGI eats up alot of disc space . enough said

deathtok5859d ago (Edited 5859d ago )

Using high resolution textures takes up a lot of space too. Because companies have been bound by space constraints of DVD (most recently) developers have become used to reusing a lot of textures in different levels.

More space can mean nothing bad. Have some vision for advancing technology. This isn't lame programming; it's taking advantage of something previously unavailable.

kmis875857d ago

Oblivion saved a lot of space by procedurally generating many of the environments like the caves and all of the foiliage. Also, the textures weren't all very high quality, and the 90 different oblivion gates only had like 5 different maps in them. Thats how oblivion was able to keep its size down so much. And anyone who says that more space should have been put in for ai is an idiot. ai scripts don't take up alot of space. Seriously, imagine if an enemy had to go through 10 megabytes of ai script before making decisions. It would be terribly slow and unplayable. ai takes up alot less space. According to the article they spent 12 gigs on level data, probably due to having very high resolution texture and no need for procedural generation in forming the levels. Character models, Hd audio, and yes, movies take up the rest, especially considering how they put movies for ntsc and pal formats on the disc so that the european and north american releases would be exactly the same. But still, 20 gigs of level data is pretty awesome.

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FeralPhoenix5860d ago

Still nothing new here that shows why Blu-ray is neccessary for videogames right now. I will say that I disagree with TheMart a little because I wouldn't go so far to say that the game has "lame" programming....I think that this is just an example of how Insomniac chose to design this game because of the amount of space BD has. So why not make it 22+ gigs?

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