Nintendo thinks you will be able to choose items in Zelda: Skyward Sword without viewing the screen

Nintendo thinks players will be able to select items without looking at the screen in Zelda: Skyward Sword thanks to the new item menu.

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Zashule3567d ago

Oh look, it's the morality whe.... er, I mean the Item Wheel!

mad-dog3566d ago

Without looking at an ITEMS SCREEN

Squatch833566d ago

How do they expect us to play without looking at the screen then? lol

kesvalk3566d ago

most ppl could change beams/visors in metroid prime trilogy without looking at the beam/visor screen, it will prolly be the same here...

bahabeast86193566d ago

lmao they said it all wrong because when playing a game you must look @ the screen to play, they mean you get to switch items without distraction and fidling with menu

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