Warner Launching Hobbit, Batman Games In 2012, Superman Too?

NowGamer: Warner Interactive talks 2012 license line-up

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TimmyShire2555d ago

As a fan of LOTR I will buy a Hobbit game, even if I have a sinking feeling that it will likely be AWFULs.

Feckles2555d ago

They'll never make a good Superman game. Superman on the N64 is as good as it gets.

egidem2555d ago

In terms of superhero games, Rocksteady has them beat down by their Arkham Asylum and Arkham City games.

skyward2555d ago

What's wrong with more Lego Batman?

sonicsidewinder2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

WTF?! I just read an article were Warner panned the idea of making further movie licenced games.

wtf is going on with N4G the last few days? Conflicting reports abound.

skyward2555d ago

It's not conflicting - if you read the article it's not a movie tie-in. Warner will release the game some time before the movie in 2012.