IGN Review- NHL 07

IGN diggs their teeth into the 360's latest gem. Hockey games will never be the same.

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BURLY5857d ago

9 in gameplay
9 in graphics
9 in sound

Are you kidding me? The gameplay looks so fresh and more fun than any other next-gen sports game.

Time to lace-up and hit the ice for some rock'em, sock'em, old time hockey!

"The good old hockey game,'s the best game you can name, ...and the best game you can name is a good old hockey game"

"I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out"

PS: The Stanley cup will fly north (where it belongs) this year!

uuuunvnv25857d ago

sorry bro but the cups going to stay right here in raleigh NC, right where it belongs!!!
as for the game....i dont know, i really want to see the what they say about 2k7 before i get 1 or the other. going off of the demo, 2k7 looks way better. but who can realy tell with nhl 07 only being a shootout???

Optimus Prime5857d ago (Edited 5857d ago )

good luck with it staying in nc. that is a laugher. it is coming up north. nhl 2k7 made some minor upgrades, 07 has done alot more, and it looks way better, and the gameplay from the shootout.

farside415857d ago

You are right, it is coming north just not as far north as you think... its going to Minnesota... Call me crazy if you want, but I think you will be suprised by them this season