7 Reasons Why Gaming Is Great For Your Relationship

At some point in time, “gamers” got a bad rap. Let’s stop stereotyping the “gamer” world as a place exclusively for basement dwelling social pariahs in dingy underwear who subsist on Hot Pockets microwaves with love by mom. Those of us — yes, women game too! — who play video games also enjoy socializing with friends (outdoors even!) during the daylight hours and have other hobbies besides completing the “Braaaaaaaaaaaaains!” mission in Borderlands. In fact, we even date!

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DaTruth4425d ago (Edited 4425d ago )

Your woman rarely wonders where you are or if you're with another woman, because you're right there in front of the television set!

Seriously, 90% of married men before videogames were in the same place, just watching sports instead; it doesn't make either a social pariah, it's just nice to have a choice for men that don't really like to "watch" sports often!

All the men I know who are not sports junkies and don't play videogames have very unstable marriages or are chronically single. Some learned to do these things in order to keep their marriages together.


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Games1st9h ago

"The profit of these tournaments is directly impacted by these new rules, as sponsorships are being forbidden, maximum prize money is limited to $5,000, and food/drinks can’t be sold at the tournaments."

Why even bother.