Toronto Thumbs Review: Leedmees

From the Review:

"When I was a kid, my family used to visit my uncle’s place; this was always.a time that I looked forward to because my uncle had a Commodore Amiga, which was miles ahead of our own Commodore 64. I would usually end up playing Defender of the Crown, Mindwalker, Marble Madness, or Lemmings. That final title really fueled the fire of my love for puzzle games; when I heard the “let’s go” of the lead lemming in each level, it was like a switch turned on in my brain.

I first saw Leedmees at a Konami event during FanExpo weekend. My mind drifted back to the times that I would sit in my uncle’s chair, attempting to save every Lemming possible. Does this Xbox Live Kinect game recapture that magical feeling that I had when I was younger? Yes, but not without a few hiccups."

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