TotalPlaystation reviews Time Crisis 4: 8/10

TotalPlaystation writes:
"Time Crisis 4 is an instant buy for long-time fans of the series. It really is a damn fine game, and the new Guncon has some potential for great games. At its core, the arcade game represents the perfect approximation of what it'd be like to be in a Jerry Bruckheimer action flick, and though it's over quickly, while it lasts, it's a blast. Those looking for something that's legitimately next-gen in a light gun shooter will have to keep waiting or look somewhere else, unfortunately."


The Verdict:8

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Fighter3987d ago

First Assassins Creed now this. I think this will be the new standard for reviewing games. Some will give it high scores while others will blast it with negative scores.

krackchap3987d ago

yea and all the mixed reviews are coming from 1down
anyone surprised??

hanson5203987d ago

i buy yesterday! and nice play my family like it