Naughty Dog won't make an Uncharted without Nolan North

Sony Computer Entertainment's Naughty Dog would never make an Uncharted game without the hugely talented actor Nolan North - the voice of series front-man Nathan Drake.

Asked how integral Nolan North is to Uncharted, game director Justin Richmond told "He's a huge piece of it. Nolan is a great partner. When we sit down and create these things, he will come in and put his stamp on it. The way we shoot this… Nolan's with us the whole time, for two straight years, basically."

So there's no chance will see an Uncharted game without Nolan North? "Not unless they made us, or something," said Richmond. "If we're making a game about Drake, Nolan's going to be involved in it, for sure."

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SageHonor2920d ago

Hahah. I agree. North is a great voice actor.

Oldman1002920d ago

He's also a great mocap actor as well!

aCasualGamer2920d ago

That is great commitment. I love the quality guarantee that they have at Naughtydog!

They are the best!

LukaX232920d ago

Thank you ND. <3 It wouldn't be an Uncharted game without the guy!

Fishy Fingers2920d ago

They've basically just offered Nathan a blank cheque for Uncharted 4 then.

TopDudeMan2920d ago

I want an uncharted 4, but it'd be great if they made a crash game again.

koehler832920d ago

They don't have the Crash IP anymore. Haven't for years. I don't think it was ever owned by Sony. Pretty sure it was Universal's.

Drekken2920d ago

ND is way past that kiddy crap. Lets not make our most talented, mature developer develop a kiddy game.

TopDudeMan2920d ago


Never before have I heard of crash being described as "Kiddy crap". You sir, are an embarrassment to the gaming community.

Drekken2920d ago

Okay Topdudeman - compared to Uncharted, Crash is a mature game. Right? Wrong.

Its a cartoon platformer with no mature dialog or situations of Uncharted. ND has grown up and my advice to you is to do the same.

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Persistantthug2920d ago

Royalties basically.

Maybe not, but I'm wondering what it would take.

shikamaroooo2920d ago

He's my favourite voice actor

solidworm2920d ago

That would be like fish without chips, salt without vinegar, me without your mother.

bahabeast86192920d ago

thats like you with more than one bubble.

2920d ago
Drekken2920d ago

Pawned him? Was he hard up for money? Pawn Stars.

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The story is too old to be commented.