Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - Variety Review

Brian Crecente reviews Uncharted: Drake's Fortune for Hollywood trade journal Variety:

At first blush it would be easy to compare Nathan Drake, the treasure-hunting star of Sony's new adventure videogame "Uncharted," with "Tomb Raider's" Lara Croft. But Drake leaves Lara in the dust, delivering the Indiana Jones experience better than gamers have ever seen it before, thanks to an intriguing plot, intense action, emotive graphics and the sort of true character development rarely found in a videogame. Though a weak final level drags down the overall experience a bit, "Uncharted" brings the PlayStation 3 a much-needed new face and should quickly secure a diehard fanbase.

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gamesblow4074d ago

Now having beat the game 4 times... I'd have to say the only thing I wanted more of... Is more Jungle!!!! Yhe biggest misconception about this game is the Jungle. It has very little do to with the game. You're only in it for 3 to 4 levels and then the game takes you into a very dark, sinister, gritty, survival horrish realm.

Love this game. Best game I've ever played... Just hope the next one has more Jungle!!!!!!! "ha" Buy this game, folks. The 100 unlockables, 1000 achievment points and all the extra characters are amazing. This has more replay value than any game I've ever seen due to all the unlockables. It's awesome.

wil4hire4074d ago

I am at chapter 16. I decided to stop playing until my Rumble comes in, then I'll continue or start over from the beginning.

This is the first time in history that I will stop a game in the middle, and restart from the beginning, but man.. I really don't wanna finish it off yet! So much perfection.

I've been playing COD4/Assasins in the meantime.

Korosuke4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

Good decision.
imo, Rumble do a excellent job in Unchated. Don't play it without DS3.
I hope you could get one soon.

dhammalama4074d ago

Holy sh!t that's a FUN GAME!!! Man, the demo is cool, but it has NOTHING on the full game. It took me 7 hours 20 minutes on normal. I wish it was longer but I'm just being greedy. It's perfect at this length because it keeps you on the edge of your seat for the entire time, it just keeps ramping up. must buy.

The Killer4074d ago

well any way its a cool game!! and it will sell a lot in europe if it didnt sell well in US because in europe we r not a shooter fanatics!! we love all types and the favourite is adventure/action games!!
but i hope it sells well in US it deserves it!!

wil4hire4074d ago

a person using common sense can deduct what the review is saying.

It either praises it, or it doesn't suggest you buy it.

No need for a score.

The Killer4074d ago

i dont need scores!! but for some people they do before they buy a game!!
i am my own reviewer i check video reviews and other videos and trailers and pictures and gameranking and what they say about it and if possible my friends opinions!!

Korosuke4074d ago

Yes, shooting and platform/puzzle combination of Uncharted is superb. plus good cut movies hopping seamlessly in the gameplay.

Ju4074d ago

^^ Yeah, that isn't actually a game, but an interactive movie. No loading screen at all (!), sometimes I have trouble to figure out in what level I am. Cut scenes are just used to outline some event turning moments or point you into a direction. I think the presentation is unique and awesome at the same time. As well as is the level of detail not only in the whole game - but the user interface, etc.

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mesh14074d ago

go buy this game it seems ok not amazing but it i a solid ps3 title but if i here fanboys hyping this as th ebest game thsi year ill have to laughat them but hey sony are not in 1st thsi gen but does no tmean they shud not sell software buy this game it seems to be good fun

ActionBastard4074d ago


Pro Tip: Get Mavis Beacon and stop being a hater

ActionBastard4074d ago

Great game. At times, I found myself standing, just to look at it.