The Three Strong Video Game Women of September

GA: "One problem that I’ve always had with media in general (books, comics, movies, games, etc.) is that so many people feel that the only way they can depict a strong woman is by making her bitchy. In the world of video games, not only are the women bitchy, but they often feel the need to wear clothing that, um, won’t really protect them in battle. Generally, the clothing part doesn’t bother me, as I like looking at male eye candy as much as men like to look at girl eye candy, but it would still be nice to find a truly strong woman character who doesn’t feel the need to sport the midriffs or super short skirts.

This past September, I was treated to three such women, and it made my inner feminist squeal with glee."

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djcitizend2919d ago

Sam is way better than Ayna. Way better. The whole game I felt like Ayna was the stereotypical damsel in distress.