First Person Shooters - A revolution, or stagnation?

Today the gaming industry is plagued with the question of who is going to bring out the next big game. This taunting task leads many major develops to set their target within the most renowned and sought-after genre: First person shooters (FPS).

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xxxAnubisxxx2920d ago

Shooters are where the sure-money is right now... So the fact that there are so many coming out is expected. However, I think Skyrim sales are going to surprise a lot of people.

JLesinski2920d ago

Great read. Never thought of it this way before

Canary2920d ago


If you look at Western developers, virtually all of the big-games are shooters--either first or third person. The only reason the market isn't completely homogenous is A) Eastern developers still exist, and lack the whole 'cult of the gun' thing that makes shooters so overwhelmingly popular in the West and B) the rise of 3rd-person "action-platformers" --the new "climbing" genre into which games like Uncharted, Assassin's Creed and Infamous fit.

Ducky2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Isn't uncharted just a TPS as well?

Also, those 'action platformers' are made by american (western) developpers.
Europe has played a decent role in supplying shooters such as Kilzone, Battlefield, and Metro.

Also, it seems unfair to label all FPS games as military shooters, which is what the article focuses on.
There's games like Portal, MirrorsEdge, and Amnesia which can qualify as FPS games. There's also FPS/RPG hubrids like Bioshock, Fallout and DeusEx.
The genre does a lot more than offer online deathmatch.

Canary2920d ago

Yeah, Uncharted is a TPS, too, but it's also a platformer--hence the "action-platformer" moniker. Infamous (and to a greater degree Infamous 2) are also shooters.

And "Western" refers to Western civilization in general, not the United States or North American in particular. Basically, it includes all of the former territories of the Western Roman Empire--so pretty much all of Europe aside from Eastern Europe, Russia and Greece. Plus all of the heavily anglicized former-colonies--Greenland, Canada, the United States, Australia, etc.

As for Portal and Mirror's edge... they're not FPS games--they're both first person games, yes, but one is a platformer and the other a puzzle game. As for the stagnation of the genre, I, personally view it as stagnant from a purely mechanical perspective--there's not a lot of change or evolution going on with game mechanics, and the fact that shooters take up so much of the market means that there's not a lot of change or evolution going on with the industry, period.

Things have gotten better, yes, but no one genre should EVER be as dominant as the FPS. Variety is the spice of life, after all. Remember how awful PS3/360 libraries were for the first few years when the ~only~ games were First Person Shooters? Yikes. There's a past I don't think anyone ever wants to see repeated.

Mr Tretton2920d ago

People should understand that a lot of young people never played shooters before, especially online. That used to be more of a PC thing in the past and less common on consoles.

Revelation for the young, stagnation for some older gamers. But, there are many options of games to play, people act like they are being forced to play FPS.

Ultraplayerxp2920d ago

It sure was a revolution till it became a revolutionary way to stagnate something.

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