ZTGD | NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Review

Donald Houf writes: I think anyone who grew up playing games in the 90s would agree that NBA Jam is a classic. NBA franchises, mixed with over-the-top action and intense competition made the original NBA Jam a game that everybody could enjoy.

I was excited to hear that EA would be releasing an updated version of the classic arcade game to consoles, but there was significant confusion surrounding its release. You may remember that NBA Jam was supposed to be released in a package with NBA Elite 11, but then got its own retail release, with added features, at $49.99 after Elite was cancelled. A disk-based version of NBA Jam at that price point wasn’t what I was hoping for. Luckily, EA took the ball to the hoop with their new edition of NBA Jam.

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nano882917d ago

This Is the best NBA jam game ever

swishersweets200312917d ago

the online sucks thats the only bad thing.. its worse then the first one.