Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster Review (Xbox 360) KINECTaku

KINECTaku's Joe Walker says:

The talented folks at Double Fine have teamed up with Sesame Workshop to give kids the chance to play with their favourite Sesame Street monsters in a way that is not only nothing short of magic to them, but is also a lot of fun for adults as well.

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mcstorm2922d ago

Good score for this game and im sure the kids will love it as this is the next gen of core gamers coming through starting on games like this.

MasterCornholio2922d ago

I am the count. And lets count Kinect sales.

LOL I know this is for the little ones. But Microsoft went a little crazy with.Kinect in my opinion.


JellyJelly2922d ago

Nice to see Kinect getting some good games lately with The Gunstringer, this and soon Kinect Sports 2.

Ayepecks2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Well, this game really isn't for gamers, though, it's for young children and their families. Don't forget Dance Central 2, though.

Edit: Oops, this was supposed to be in response to JellyJelly's post.