New Anti-Piracy agreement signed by US, Australia and others

A New piracy agreement has been signed by the U.S., Australia and several other regions. Follow the link for more.

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caseh2922d ago

' Unless they have the agreement of almost every country I personally believe it leaves the gate wide open for any would be host of pirated material to simply move their domain and site to a country that has no laws to the contrary.'

China, job done. :D

Dark_Overlord2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

"On a very interesting note, the agreement calls for all governments who have signed to make it illegal to market any devices that circumvent copyright protection such as DVD software that breaks encryption or almost anything marketed by Team Xecuter, Maximus or anyone marketing Xbox 360 flashing tools."

Glad Europe never signed, this part is an effing joke. Firstly who is there to determine what constiutes as one of these devices? I use dvdfab a hell of a lot of the time to create backups for my daughter to watch (they end up getting trashed), under this law it would be illegal to own the program, even though it is legal to make a backup of any digital product we own.

F*** the american government and their severely corporate influenced decisions