Achievement Points in Demos

Gameplayer and former Australian GamePro editor Chris Stead's has explored the idea of awarding achievement points to gamers who complete demos. He suggests that its a winning marketing approach we may all have to accept in the future.

"What better way to get people downloading your game than to tap into the Gamerscore phenomenon and leech off the subconscious needs of all us addicts?"

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Silver Bull3t3988d ago

Data gathered on demos should be based on their merit and how fun they are to play. Not for scrounging points.

Will this result in multi ass-quality games dumping demos loaded with points to artificially boost interest?

SlappingOysters3988d ago

I reckon it will for sure. As the article states, it's a crap tactic, but one that is smart marketing - I am surprised they haven't done it!