Shooters are killing the games industry

The games industry is becoming subservient to the two shooter genres (both First- and Third-) at a rate that is not only uncomfortable to watch unfold; it’s utterly ruining the industry.

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xc7x2918d ago

quick,someone needs a waahmulance!! "Consumer burn out is inevitable, and then what?" Lol. the genre evolves,like it always has,good luck with your fairy tale prediction,it ain't happening.


No is not..Business is supply and demand, we gamers demand shooters so the industy gives them to us. If u think I'm lieing ask ur average gamer which game they r waiting for and they will tell u BF3 or CODMW3.

Tanir2918d ago

wrong and right, people want more cods and halos and such, and thats all the industry gives us, so thats all we get.

a few great exceptions but devs are so scared to try anything else, its pretty sad, and even when they do try somethign else no one buys it

limewax2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Not entirely true, Demons/Dark Souls managed to break through. Catherine performed surprisingly well.

The sales are there for something different, but we certainly are still waiting on the game that swings the balance heavily enough to open the flood gates

iamnsuperman2918d ago

"But they are far, far too dominant, both from the media and the consumer mindset."

Of course they are. That is what the majority of gamers want. Shooters will never die and consumers will never get bored of shooting. With some games studios going to the shooter genre is doesn't mean it is ruining the industry. The industry is primarily shooting because that is what the customer wants with less amount but still there small games that take up the other genres. You can't tell someone not to buy shooters to save the industry

discordman2918d ago

Every generation has it's own genre that takes off. Platformers for the SNES era, action for the PS2/GC/Xbox era, and now shooters are starting to be the prominent market. If you honestly think that shooters are killing gaming through over-saturation, then you are looking at releases with blinders.

ignorantsonsof_2918d ago

That's a perfect way of putting it, I couldn't agree more.

disturbing_flame2918d ago

It's not killing the game industry, actually it makes money.

It just kills artistic intention : games who want to do other genres than badass shooter games.

It kills creativity : games who have mecanics that are far from what FPS are made of have a very little chance to succeed critacally and commercially, when it comes to small or new IP, better having a well known studio working on the game.

But it's not FPS alone that kill that. Video game reviewers are also doing it by praising those occitdental shooters in their webzine or magazine. Those reviewers that make some articles to say that FPS are not so good but giving them 9/10 or perfect scores and who destroy other genres because they are not fast paced.

It belongs to reviewers to understand gaming not to the industry, the industry will just make what people want, to sell it. People are never forced to buy it, they create the trend for themselves.

SockeyBoy2918d ago

funny. Since the genre is the best selling.

Hicken2917d ago

That doesn't make it good for gaming. Do I have to explain why?

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The story is too old to be commented.