Gametrailers: PayDay: The Heist Review

Does Payday: The Heist make off with the dough or does it deposit itself into the Bank of Avoid-at-all-costs?

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solidboss2921d ago

an 8 is a good score. it seems pretty justified. it looks like a very fun game, i wonder what did the developers fix/change since the game was delayed. either way i cant wait to play it!

buddymagoo2920d ago

Considering it is not a full retail priced game, not bad!

DaThreats2921d ago

8.0 seems low for their points

ginsunuva2920d ago

No that's pretty high for their downloadable games points. Dl games never usuallu go above 8.9 for gt.

Number_132921d ago

So nothing earth-shattering then? Good score

Dark_Overlord2920d ago

I'm getting this day 1, the trailers convinced me it looked fun as hell :)

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