Halloween-a-thon: Dead Space 2

Go Gaming Giant’s Halloween-a-thon continues with a newcomer to the survival horror series, but nonetheless: a great horror video game. Of course Dead Space 2 had a lot of hype to live up to since the original Dead Space was stellar (no pun intended) but Dead Space 2 matched and sometimes surpassed certain aspects of the original. So let’s take a look at why you should play Dead Space 2 this Halloween season because it sure is a game that will scare your pants off.

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Murgatroyd72923d ago

You know, I have a hard time seeing Dead Space as survival horror. I get so used to everything going on that it ends up really losing its edge. Still a good game to play around Halloween time, though.

ignorantsonsof_2921d ago

That's how I was with almost any horror game for a while, but I think that changed when I started trying to imagine what it would be like to actually be Isaac and have to go through all of that ridiculousness, instead of thinking about the game flow and what might or might not be coming next. Blood and gore started to have much more impact on me as well when I started doing that, and I even end up getting startled by things in replays of it because i'm completely ignoring what's gonna happen next and just focusing on the current feeling of the situation. You should try it, now I'm back to freaking out in every horror game haha.

BuffMordecai2923d ago

I still haven't played this or Shadow of the Damned; I bet they would be good to play around this time of year.