What Will It Take To Get Me To Play Modern Warfare 3?

I have somewhat of a love/hate relationship with the Call of Duty franchise. To be clear, my disdain for COD stems from more than just an opinion on the basic fundamentals of the game; ie. Graphics, gameplay, etc..

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LukaX232918d ago

A lot of alcohol. And when you sober up, you'll regret it.

aksmashh2918d ago

I didn't buy black ops but i was planning on buying MW3 but as it comes out so close to Battlefield i might wait until xmas

raWfodog2918d ago

For me, it'll take about a month because that's when I will pick it up.

Hufandpuf2918d ago

Excellent article. I feel the same way.
CoD4: the best of it's time.
MW2: threw what made CoD great right out of the window.
Black Ops: the most overrated game I've ever played.

r1sh122918d ago

I pretty much agree with you,
although I did also like world at war.
Black ops took all the fun out of COD, MW2 was insanely unfair.
After I spoke to many of my friends (Who arent dedicated gamers, IE they follow the crowds loL), they all told me black ops put them off COD.
So i dont know whether this will outsell black ops.
I liked the BF3 beta so Im gonna stick with that.

NuclearDuke2918d ago

CoD4: Buggy at launch, Mods were created to keep it fresh after 6 months. Today, no normal servers, all modded as hell.

MW2: Brougth new stuff to the table. Lawsuit between Activision & Infinity Ward cut any post-launch support. Ruined everything.

Black Ops: Buggy at launch, Mods are created to keep it fresh after 6 months. Today, one of the most played PC FPS.

MW3: Unfortunately another console port. Even with three studios working on the title they cannot find time to make a standalone PC version with every nifty features and modding tools. I have no doubt the game will be playable and comes with dedicated servers for PC, but they seem to have chosen whom they develop for, which unfortunately isn't PC. If it's like MW2, with post-launch support I will definately get it.


Nobody is forcing u to play it. If u don't like it fine,just leave us cod fans alone with ur troll/flambait article.

Fishy Fingers2918d ago

Imagine you wrote such an "article" about Uncharted or Halo lol, let's see what ball the "cool gamers" had to say then.

InNomeDiDio2918d ago

Haters gonna hate but most of them will still buy it. And these few people who won't buy mean no effect according to sales.

BlueTemplar2918d ago

More to the point, who gives a f**k

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The story is too old to be commented.