Online Passes on the Rise, Say Goodbye to Our Beloved Used Game Market

EA has announced online passes for nearly all of its new releases, including Mass Effect 3 and more recently, Battlefield 3. While it comes as no surprise (it has been rumoured for weeks, and was confirmed by Demize99 on October 12th) it is still a disappointment for console gamers who enjoy playing on multi-console setups or gaming with friends. Moreover, and most importantly, it marks the end of an era in gaming commerce.

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DarkBlood2923d ago

while that may be true to an extent, its not going to destroy the used game market completly there are peope who dont care for this kind of stuff anyways

Shadowaste2923d ago


Now maybe freaking gamestop will be forced to discount used games more than $4.99 less than the new price!!

Suck it gamestop!

These companies get so greedy it ends up being their downfall;

Blockbuster with $8.99 game rentals for 5 days and blurays rentals for 2 days costing'd that work out for you blockbuster???

Bestbuy is next, stock price has dropped to $24 from $46 a year and half ago, hmmmmmm.....guess pushing your bunk service plans and your $150 monster cables is biting your ass!

I'd rather the devs and publishers get the money for their work than some leech company like gamestop!

ECM0NEY2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Havent bought a game from gamestop or ebgames or whatever they are calling themselves now since Halo 2.

Online passes suck, but if they help destroy ebgames im in.

Trunkz Jr2923d ago

I've always bought my games new so this doesn't effect me. BF3 has always been about the multiplayer so of course their going to do the online pass XD

gamingdroid2922d ago

It will affect you when you attempt to loan/share your game.

Your friends and family will discover that parts of the single player campaign is inaccessible and online is off limits.

... but enjoy your pass. It won't affect you.

evrfighter2922d ago

Yup, gamingdroid is right. no more borrowing a game from your friend our family.

This actually puts steam even further ahead of console gaming. I can login to my account wherever I want and play on any pc I want granted the game meets system requirements.

dead_eye2922d ago

@evrfighter. I'm sure I can take my ps3 id and play the game on another ps3. So that put's steam at the same level unless you can lend you downloaded copy of the game to a friend.

No worries to me either. I buy all my games new and screw my friends if they are to cheap to buy the game then they ain't gonna get the full game. I ain't gonna lose sleep over that.

It was said perfectly above. It's the stores fault for selling used games for a few pounds less than new.

trouble_bubble2922d ago

I buy games for me. I don't borrow games back'n'forth with my 65 year old mom, my pre-med cousin and my out of town in-laws, lol. So no it doesn't affect me. I'm not 13. If I want a game I can buy it or rent it. Don't have to wait for Johnny Quarterback down in the projects to borrow me a copy of Batman. Average age of a gamer is over 30. I barely have time to get together for a drink after work let alone partake in some lavish borrow/trade pyramid schemes.

You can on PS3 as well. R3 works online with other users on your system and your account on multiple systems too. Capcom's DRM is actually more restrictive.

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Apocwhen2922d ago

If anything they will raise the prices of new games to offset the lost revenue, so it will be us consumers who will still lose out.

brettyd2922d ago

Best Buy will be gone in the next 5 years. Their prices are ridiculous. Amazon is putting all of those stores out of business.

Hicken2922d ago

The devs already got their money. You're a fool to think otherwise.

It's just another indication of greed.

Stock prices have dropped because buying has dropped. Consumer demand for electronics has dropped. Use your head a little.

Don't get me wrong; I hate GameStop, even though I work for em. It's a hard choice, since I don't want to give the company any money, but given the uncertainty of game quality these days, getting your money's worth is not guaranteed.

But all this sort of thing really means is that you can't do what you please with your copy of the game, as they own part of that game. They'll make excuses like "We need to pay for server costs," but that's bullshit: when you bought the game, whatever bit of money going to the server was paid for then; if you give/sell it to your buddy, he'll have to pay these "server costs." The problem with this thinking is that they already received those funds for that copy when YOU bought it.

Likewise, saying it's money the developer should have is also just an excuse. How many times should a developer get paid off one copy of a game?

No, the better question is: how much should a PUBLISHER get paid off a game? They're the ones that get all the money. Devs see some of that money, while retailers see pennies on the dollar. GameStop charges exorbitant amounts on used games because they'd be out of business PERIOD if they only sold new games. Remember: a retailer buys new copies from the publishers first, and must then recoup those losses when we buy the games.

The problem is that people aren't buying games like they used to... with the exception of franchises like Call of Duty. But when they buy up millions of copies of games that go on to sell poorly, like Brink, they wind up in the hole.

As I said, I'm not defending GameStop's practices, because I think they charge too much for used games. But they also have their own circumstances that have caused them to take their current course.

I just wish people would think a little before saying things.

13lackDeath2922d ago

"No, the better question is: how much should a PUBLISHER get paid off a game? They're the ones that get all the money. Devs see some of that money, while retailers see pennies on the dollar. GameStop charges exorbitant amounts on used games because they'd be out of business PERIOD if they only sold new games. Remember: a retailer buys new copies from the publishers first, and must then recoup those losses when we buy the games."

So by your logic super markets and grocery stores should start selling used bar soap, shampoo, lunch meat, lettuce, and bread?

Cool story bro.

Hicken2922d ago

Was that supposed to be funny? It wasn't.

Is there a market for such consumed goods? Do people routinely find themselves having leftover lettuce, while at the same time, others are willing to pay less for lettuce that's already been used?

I think not.

Furthermore, why in the hell would you make a fool comparison like perishable items? Do you loan out your lunch meat to your friends, expecting that they'll give it back when they're done?

As to you comment to gamingdroid, you might wanna take note of games like RAGE and Batman, where singleplayer content IS locked. It may not be a large number, but neither is the number of games with online passes, yet.

You may not be trolling, but you seem to have forgotten to THINK before you made your comments.

13lackDeath2922d ago


Sigh...wrong again gamingdroid.

Singleplayer is untouched. It is only the multiplayer that is affected by a online pass. Stop making the online pass out to be worse then it seems.

You are not good at trolling btw.

Kaos_Vll2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

just want to say you're an idiot. there are at least 2 SP games this year alone that have an online pass which locks out sp content, rage and batman AC with more to follow if idiots like u support it.

Games are at least $10 overpriced, they've removed content from games that was part of games last gen only to sale it back to u as "DLC" and replaced that content with worthless trophies/achievements and u feel sorry for them?
game=$60 (often time flawed upon release)
"DLC"= $20 (on average)
the look on your face when you've finally realized you've been bamboozled= PRICELESS

13lackDeath2919d ago

Yeah, content being?? What? 4 singleplayer skins and some small DLC? Who gives a shit.

Money isn't a problem, I'm rich.

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SH0CKW4VE2923d ago

I buy games new which I am allowed to test or have a demo of beforehand.

The only exception is bethseda titles because they are quality pretty much garunteed.

BabyTownFrolics2922d ago

i buy games new because I am better than poor people

majdees2922d ago

I buy my games new anyway same as most people.

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