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If The A-Team, Left 4 Dead, Mars Attacks and Diablo had a weird, four-way love-child, their doctor would be giving the spank of life to Bunch of Heroes. Produced and developed by NGD Studios (creators of the MMO Regnum/Realms Online) Bunch of Heroes is a zany, top-down shooter with aliens and zombies galore. Sounds awesome, right? Sam thought so, but was still a little hesitant about trying it out.

This is not the sort of game Sam would likely pick out of a crowded ‘New Release’ list on Steam but decided to give it a spin nonetheless. What he discovered is that Bunch of Heroes is basically a zombie shooter with a light tone and tongue-in-cheek attitude but, while it hits a few targets, a lot of what it tries to do falls slightly short of the mark.

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