PS3 Firmware 3.73 Is Live

"After a long day of handling business, Nick decided he would power on his PlayStation 3 and enjoy some gaming, but before Nick decided to hop in for a game of Madden, he happened to encounter something interesting. "

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Nick2120042922d ago

This is interesting! No announcement or word on this firmware update...yet

Canary2922d ago

My PS3 is Bricked!

In the cellar, next to the Amontiago.

2922d ago
Infernostew2922d ago

Haha. Good one, man. Not many people are gonna get this.

glopez2922d ago

Nice dude bubs up for the poe reference!!

Akiba962922d ago

I feel like such a nerd for knowing what your talking about.... lol

Xof2922d ago



And it's not even like Poe is some obscure literary figure, either. Goddamn kids.

evilunklebud2922d ago

Maybe if he had said Amontillado??

QuodEratDemonstrandm2922d ago

Amontillado. If you're going to make a Poe reference you might at least confirm the spelling.

JBaby3432922d ago

I had to look it up but I get it now. I only read one Poe story, The Tell Tale Heart, and I remember almost nothing about that. Sorry I was a science major and generally hate literature. We all have our strengths and interests.

da_2pacalypse2922d ago

oh great... another 20 minute waste of my time -_-

KozmoOchez2922d ago

lol..i thought he meant Amontillado, I just had to read down more to confirm. I had to read and watch that in 9th grade - it freaked me out kinda, but now i want to do that to someone

2921d ago
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beastgamer2922d ago

Must just be some new security patches.

This guy has only 4gb left out of 298, damn. I guess its time for him to delete some porn videos.
I remember with my 40gb :( I feel this guys pain.

RockNRoller2922d ago

it's like losing your first toy

guitarded772922d ago

I was there with my 320gb... then I upgraded to the 750... no worries.

gamingdroid2921d ago

I'm still with my virgin 40GB MGS4 LE PS3! Can't bring myself to violate my PS3 by opening it.

The gunmetal case is sexy to look at though!

guitarded772921d ago

You don't have to open the case... it's a really simple procedure.

gamingdroid2921d ago

I know, it's a plastic little latch thing. However, once you open that you have to use screw driver to unscrew the drive. Some people stripped the screw (since it was low quality).

Either way, I can't bring myself to violate that sexy console!

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DarkTower8052922d ago

I always install the updates as soon as they release. I like to keep my PS3 up to date, and I've never had bricking issues.

For the record, I timed the update. From download to install, the whole process took 5 min 4 secs.

kramun2922d ago

What about the milliseconds?

Amateur. If you're not going to time system updates and include the milliseconds it's not worth doing at all.

Remember next time please.

dantesparda2922d ago

Wait, is that time up to the install or including the install time too?

LukaX232922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Why do I LOVE downloading firmware updates even if they don't contain anything relevant? I think it's because I assume that it is a slightly better version than the previous one.

Edit: Also, could the delay of the GT5 DLC (in the US) be involved with this in some way? Maybe it's just a coincidence.

Maddens Raiders2922d ago

"Also, could the delay of the GT5 DLC (in the US) be involved with this in some way? Maybe it's just a coincidence."

I thought the same thing and so did a bunch of ppl over on GTPlanet...

SilentNegotiator2922d ago

It can now absolve my sins.

Cue the complaints that there aren't any new features in firmware Three POINT SEVEN FREAKING THREE. I mean, normally an update ending in ".73" is HUUUUUGE! At least they didn't screw us on 3.7204535436, right? (/s) Yes, Sony is so evil and audacious for giving us a security patch - Now get back to drinking your mountain dew out of your limited edition space marines sippy cup.

Ren_2922d ago

I think this update lifts the trophy cap?

I've heard reports Hakoom is now lvl 55 and duck is 57 :P

otherZinc2922d ago

Nick, you sound ridiculous as usual!

1. Uncharted would go to On-live before Gears of War.
Uncharted doesnt have Gears of War numbers.

2. You have Zero business acumen. Why the hell would Gears move when they sell 3million in one day. On-live doesnt have that kind of bribe money.

3. Before Nick & the rest of his PS fans come flying in here about Uncharted numbers. "I'm not talking about pack-in numbers.

A product will never sell more than the initial week its released. The only way it gains more sales is if its a pack-in giveaway.

So No. On-live will never have Gears of War; the way XBOX has MGS on the way & already have GTA.

dantesparda2922d ago

I wish they would tell us exactly what its doing/fixing/stabilizing

2921d ago
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Oldman1002922d ago

In before "My ps3 is bricked!" or "Where is Cross game Chat?"

Oldman1002922d ago

Just installed. It makes your ps3 self aware.

RockNRoller2922d ago

it has begun , quick everyone get a hummer, shades,a kick-ass theme song, and twinkies Lots of F'ing TWINKIES!!!!!!

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Bolts2922d ago

It's aware that it doesn't have cross game chat? Great, now we both can be disspointed.

DaTruth2922d ago

I'm not surprised you're agreeing with "Fanboi"!

You two have a lot in common!

Ace_Pheonix2922d ago

Fanboy or not, that's damn funny right there!

insomnium22922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Agreed Ace. I actally lolled at that one. It doesn't happen that often.

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killajd2922d ago

Im very interested to see whats included in this update

caseh2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

As usual for the past 20-25 updates, absolutely nothing of real interest other than:

'Improving stability for a bunch of PS3 titles that we never bother to mention and if it were that much of an issue the developers for that game probably would have patched it a long time ago'

GraveLord2922d ago

Just like that last Xbox 360 update.

dantesparda2922d ago

Im definitely sick and tired of these useless updates and tired of waiting for something good to come. At this point it really does seem like we are no longer gonna get much shit from here on out

gamingdroid2921d ago

This PS3 update is optional though. I think that is a good middle ground.

However, forcing featureless updates is another matter.

-Mezzo-2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

WTF, 298 GB. i can never download 298 GB if my life depends on it.

Edit -- Damn, silly me, I thought the Update size was 298 GB, i guess i got distracted by that "298 GB" that i wasn't able to see that it was "Free Space" figures & not the Updates Size.

WildArmed2922d ago

Well if you be dumping movies on it, then it'll be used up quickly!

Esp. if you are buying movies of the PS Video store!

But yes, downloading 250gb+ sounds very overwhelming.. it's nothing something you do over night lol