Soul Calibur Legends gets 4/10 from Game Informer

The biggest mistake you can make with Soulcalibur Legends (apart from buying it) is assuming that there is some strategy to the motion-based gameplay. You can make calculated, deliberate slices with the remote if you want to, but here's the inside scoop: Holding the remote and nunchuk, just move both arms up and down like you're dual-wielding knives and chopping the hell out of some vegetables. Several hours later, you win!

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MK_Red4012d ago

Wow, this is the lowest score for Legends so far and actually, the lowest for any Soul Calibur game.

ruibing4012d ago

Though I hold no love for the Wii, I have been a fan of the Soul Calibur franchise for awhile now so I hope it does well enough so the franchise will continue.

lonestarmt4012d ago

dont' worry, the new soul calubur on the 360 and ps3 will sell very well and be a very good game. This spin-off needs to die. lol.

Zhuk4012d ago

a shame that they dragged what is a proud series through the mud like this.

I still remember when Soul Calibur was released on the DC, one of the most amazing and impressive gaming experiences of my life

Darkiewonder4012d ago

This game so it makes the holiday season cut?

Gosh, oh well. moving on.

iilluminate4012d ago (Edited 4012d ago )

I loved the original Soul Blade (aka Soul Edge). Soul Calibur was good too, but it felt like a carbon copy so wasn't as special to me, even more so with Soul Calibur 2. Now looks like they've totally lost the plot. Although of course this is somewhat different to what has gone before.

For the record Soul Blade had one of the the best intro movies ever.

kingme714011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

The Wii is suffering right now from 3rd parties jumping on the bandwagon. The console took everyone by surprise including developers that felt they needed to get a title out there good or bad to start soaking up some money. Of course there are some exceptions and some good 3rd party titles, but for the most part they are coming up short.

If you look at the 3 console makers you get the feeling MS and Sony are very supportive of 3rd parties, but do you get the feeling with Nintendo? I surely don't. Nintendo puts out the best games on their console and everyone else is way behind. What is going to happen after this first round of Nintendo staples: Zelda, Super Mario, Brawl, etc? Are they going to recycle back through the list or is it time for 3rd parties to start stepping up with some quality games?

I'm hoping that the latter is true and now that the first wave of "rushed" games seems to have come out, higher quality 3rd party games that have had time to gestate will start to show up.

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