The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim confirmed no werewolfs but DLC

Unfortunately, during an interview with the art director and a Dutch website 9lives. We have discovered Skyrim has no werewolves.

9lives asks: “Is it an idea of ​​werewolves DLC add to the game?”
The art director answers: “Maybe so

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zeal0us2921d ago

Aw man but oh well still buying the game. I wouldn't mind see some werewolf dlc but no twilight crap.

lashes2ashes2921d ago

why would there be twilight crap in the game.there is wear-wolfs already in elder scroll's games and it was fine

StraightPath2920d ago

with xbox 360 getting the dlc earlier and footage has all been from xbox 360 version , having trouble choosing the ps3 version.

christheredhead2920d ago

yah, to be honest im a little worried about the ps3 version. i mean i know they have said countless times that the ps3 version will be fine, but I usually dont trust the company or PR reps, that are trying to sell me the product, to inform me of how great it will be. I think im gonna wait a few weeks to see how it goes before I invest my money on an unsure product.

MariaHelFutura2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

They have made lots of games on the ps3, I wouldn't worry to much about it. All of their games seems to be pretty similar on consoles.

I've played ES4:O and FO3 on both. ES4:O actually was better on ps3. (due to coming out months later)

wallis2919d ago

As a PC gamer I certainly sympathize with what you're saying. We've seen nothing but 360 footage and the fact they're getting the DLC earlier is so fucking annoying. Platform preference is incredibly unfair. I wouldn't mind if all 3 platforms had equal treatment but it's clear the 360 is getting favoured above and beyond ps3 and pc.

Lirky2920d ago

tes skyrim will have alot of DLC i think some games should compact games with large enough content that the devs shouldnt speak about DLC before launch and like mention it like 3 weeks after the game releases.

NBT912920d ago

Yeah that is one thing I have kind of not liked so much about this gen of consoles, the amount of DLC being released is making it more expensive than it should be. Then again I suppose you get what you pay for with everything else so it should apply to gaming too...

Lirky2920d ago

Also, it makes it seem like the games that developers build are "Small" since they will tact on dlc in a way of heres the scraps that didnt make it in the final game.

news4geeks2920d ago

hopefully we get some nirnroot DLC quests

SITH2920d ago

That is fine. Morrowind got it's werewolves via DLC so skyrim can.

Rage_S902920d ago

And this is why i'll wait for the goty edition

SixShotCop2920d ago

The GOTY edition would come out when? In a year? If so, HELL no.

First day buy for me. :D