Forza 4 Gameplay Online Tips | Slow Down

Forza Motorsport 4 Gameplay Without Kinect on Xbox 360. This is a quick Forza 4 Gameplay with online tips commentary.

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grifter0242925d ago

He talks about avoiding people who dont know how to drive...yet at 1:53 he pushes a car into another one to take a turn as well as sliding into the dirt. Guess he doesnt do what he preaches.

rezzah2925d ago

He shows you the style of players who don't know how to drive in the beginning then shows you the more "cautious" side; to which he refers to or personally believes to be the better or more skilled way of playing this type of racing game.

grifter0242925d ago

I'm not talking about that. Anyone that has played racing games online knows the first hard turn is a clusterfvck.

Going slow into the turn at the first turn is usually always a plus unless you were able to get ahead of the pack but even then someone can slam into you and ruin your race.