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"There are some games that are not simply bad. No, their lack of quality goes so far that even calling them terrible would be a grand understatement. There is only one word that properly captures just what these games are, and that word is, 'Insulting.'"

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callahan092918d ago

Bullshit. This game is not bad.

Remdih2918d ago

The reviewer´s face deserves 2.0/10...

Relientk772918d ago

When I read your comment, I was like, ok if there is a picture of the reviewer on the site it would make this comment awesome. I clicked and there was. lol

gaden_malak2918d ago


The name isn't much better either.

LordLaguz2918d ago

This review is insulting.

And the game isn't made by NIS, is from Gust, the target audience is Japanese, and its a niche genre here, i will take this as a troll review and forget it.

If you like jrpgs, is a good game, but the main focus isn't gameplay, the story is nice, the music is godly (and 1 of the focus of the ar tonelico series) and the overall experience is fun, just don't expect the battles to be as good as a "tales of"

After the game ended, and the ending song stopped, i had a smile in my face, that was enough for me to make the hours playing it worth it.

Noctis Aftermath2918d ago

It's mostly just to get more hits to the website, almost no game is worth a 2/10 score, so unless it's almost unplayable due to game breaking bugs then i see no reason why it would deserve this score.

Sanetoshi2918d ago

Because I don't like looking at half naked children posing erotically, and a clumsy combat engine designed to let you do that.

Maybe you like naked little girls sticking their butts in your face, but I certainly don't.

zu4G2918d ago

the reviewer can kiss my arse!!
the reviewer is kinda trippin' the game, and made a harsh review..

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The story is too old to be commented.