Game Informer: Time Crisis 4 Reviewed - "One of the Worst Games I've Played in Months" - 4.25/10

Game Informer Online writes :

"I wish I had good news for you, but judging from this game's merits, the rail shooting gun genre should be shot and put in the ground. I really wanted to like Time Crisis 4, but one thing after another piled up in the list of frustrations as I played until I was forced to acknowledge this as one of the worst games I've played in months."

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ngg123453989d ago

1up 3.5
gameinformer 4.25
ign 8

MK_Red3989d ago

"1up 3.5
GameInformer 4.25
IGN 8 "
Add GameSpy's 7/10 and gamers can be officially confused once again.

But seriously, the playable demo they had at some game shows and conventions was really bad and nothing like the great classic Time Crisis games. As one of the 2 review sources that I trust, GameInfomer is reliable source IMO with seeing the game myself, it's indeed a 4 to 5 game.

Plus, it's the ugliest looking PS3 game I've seen so far.

DrPirate3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

I have to agree with it being "the ugliest PS3 game ever"

I won't attempt to defend this game, it's a lightgun game, it doesn't interest me, but people that actually buy this, are most probably fans of the arcade version/Time Crisis Series/ Light gun games, and thus, would most probably be satisfied with the game itself and any little additions it has to offer.

In a sense, it's very much like Eye of Judgment, it's very niche, but those that like it, I suppose like it alot. The IGN reviewer may have been a fan of lightgun games. The others, consider it old and outdone.

lawman11083989d ago

This does not shock me at all.

mesh13989d ago

this is a very very lame game tbh no need even justifying it have u seen this game in action if it got anything above a 5/10 i wud laugh and it wud mean revewis arre scoing crap games good.

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Bonsai12143989d ago

the arcade version is great... guess it didn't make the console translation well.. haha

solar3989d ago

sooooooo.....yeah. must buy?


This game probably just appeal to japanese arcade maniacs. But that is a review with one I agree.

MK_Red3989d ago

Agree with you both. It's a game that doesn't appeal to me and a review that I agree with.

Gamerz4life3989d ago

I mean comeon who was expecting this game to turn out good?

Enigma_20993989d ago

Being a fan of the previous ones, I was hoping that it was going to be another good one... apparently I didn't pay enough attention to it. What the hell happened?

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