GT5′s DLC Delayed in North America, Releases October 25 with “Special Bonus”

SCEA announces a last-minute delay of Gran Turismo 5′s DLC in North America.

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ThatArtGuy2918d ago

This HAS to be Sony's fault, not PD's. The content is in the patch that was released last week. What the hell?

xPhearR3dx2918d ago

GT5 is nothing but delays after delays.

ThatArtGuy2918d ago

But it's only NA, everywhere else it's being released. SCEA is to blame here.

Bathyj2918d ago

B-O-O-H-O-O. - Judd Nelson, The Breakfastclub

n4gisatroll2918d ago

Better be cheaper...this is bull. I wanted spa badly. :(

kingPoS2917d ago

You 'CAN' race on the Spa track you just can't host it.
In the 'open lobby' select all regions.

Jdub895O2918d ago

hope that special bonus is a 5.0 stang! Ehhh what am i kidding. Another skyline. Anyways ive been having to much fun with this game lately.

GamersRulz2918d ago

Stang !! another American cart .
Europe is where the REAL cars are.

Jdub895O2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

Well see the problem is that FORZA 4 has a 5.0(sad that even they know how popular the car is) Im just saying i expect better out of gt5. All you people that dont think i have a point checkout youtube and type in mustang 5.0. Im REALLY sure youll see why im mad.I have a fox body mustang and i literally have a whole bookcase of magazines dating back from 1986. Oh and guess what i have a review from car and driver saying that the iroc z isnt compared with the mustang 5.0 lx. The mustangs back then raced the vettes . Well as any american my age remembers it, MORE BANG FOR THE BUCK! Just saying a very popular car isnt in gt5. Very sad. Remember if you guys dont think this car is popular still, look up 5.0 mustang monthly. In STORES EVERYWHERE! See my point?

I really dont want kids to reply on this. Why? Well because im actually looking for someone with a real response that has owned a real muscle car. If forza 3 and 4 has it why on hell is does gt5 missing it!?

By the way i have a 1989 ford mustang lx convertible. with mods of course. Youtube Or google jdub8950. Expect more than 13 pages of google. Yeah im that popular.

GamersRulz2917d ago

In my comment I wasn't talking about Video Games at all, I meant in real life European cars is the best, I've owned a Mustang 2010 4.6 V8 and then sold it to get a BMW 335i V6, and to be honest the BMW is way better than the Mustang on everything, luxury, performance, comfort, tech.

I apologize for my previous comment I shouldn't have bashed the American cars and I really respect your passion for the mustang.

FalconR2892917d ago

I have a 64 Ford ranchro with an 88 mustang v8 with a t-5. Let me tell you something I bet I could give that BMW of yours a run for its money in a straight line because let's face it, turns are not the best thing for a American car. I can hit 90mph in second gear. Anybody with the right no how can build a reasonably fast and good handling 5.0 mustang that costs half of what that BMW cost.

GamersRulz2917d ago


That some aggressive numbers I give you that, but I believe my 335i can hold its on to that, considering the smaller yet more effective engine that's a big achievement.

I've always felt like there is a "wasted" power in the american cars, V8(europe) outmatch V8 (US) easily.

anyways to me driving a car is about the experience that car Makers can deliver, how the car handle curves,acceleration , speed, comfort, quality and the most important PASSION that've been put into making the car.

Spitfire_Riggz2917d ago

Correction. Europe is where the REAL OVERPRICED cars are. The Vette is the number 1 winner.

SoapShoes2917d ago

@GamersRulz - This is so bull... There are plenty of American cars that are great and just as good as European ones. Is this why when Cadillac comes out with a new CTS-V that it beats the BMW M5 on the track and acceleration?

Tech /=/ better. A C6 Vette can beat a bunch of high tech Porsche's around the track with its old fashioned leaf springs and pushrod engine. But you know what? Leaf springs and pushrods may have been around forever but the new ones have a lot of tech in them and are way different from the ones of the 60s.

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WooHooAlex2918d ago

That's odd, I wonder what the "special bonus" will be tho, maybe an extra car or something?

I've been playing more GT5 lately, I might end up downloading the DLC.

IHateYouFanboys2918d ago

where are all the 'this should be free because we've already got the content on our consoles!' comments?

oh, right. wrong console.

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The story is too old to be commented.