New Zelda: Skyward Sword footage

Check out some new direct-feed footage of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

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Titanz2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

I also died a little, inside... (my heart aches for this title!).

_DarkCharizard_2922d ago

Will be the best game this year...

Pikajew2921d ago

Agreed. Looks so good.

kesvalk2921d ago

it's funny how the SS from the news is not part of the video...

jacksonmichael2921d ago

josephayal + 4h ago
Good news! too bad im busy playing ZELDA 3DS


GezForce2921d ago

sd hurts my eyes! this game is great if your either 10 or under or have a set of mammary glands.
this far into the generation wii just sucks donkeyballs.
yeah... i said it. lol (that layer of dust is set to thicken).

browngamer42920d ago

You're a troll...there I said that.

GezForce2919d ago

you mad?... doesn't change the fact that this still looks a gamecube game. wii sucks (yeah i got one) the tech is so ancient its just not relevant anymore. just like your deluded fanboy comment.

browngamer42919d ago

Yep you got me..must have been my avatar..oh wait you must have played this game already and know excactly how good the graphics are..perfect ten from edge by the way-anyways I'm not gonna let your trolling stop me from playing possibly the greatest game ever keep on trucking though troll.

GezForce2918d ago

still mad? hahaha! since when is stating my opinion (which im entitled to) trolling?. I never said dont go out and buy this game lol! just stated in my opinion that the wii and this version of zelda (graphically) does not wow me anymore. again my opinion. Keep those goggles on Fanboy, and enjoy skyward sword when it comes out.

browngamer42918d ago

I guess while stating your opinion(which I am not opposed to)You should also berate anyone who wants to play this game"this game is great if your either 10 or have a set of mammary glands" I am neither so hey keep it classy..No goggles neccesary this game looks amazing!

GezForce2918d ago

offence was not intended.. but this game and hardware is clearly showing its age. i hope the wii u does the franchise justice and brings zelda into the hd gfx forefront where it belongs. i'll wait for my 1080p Zelda. personally 480p doesn't cut it anymore this far into 2011. hope you enjoy skyward sword.

browngamer42917d ago

No offence taken(o.k. that would be a lie..maybe a little)I respect your opinion and can understand some of your viewpoints....I will enjoy this game to the fullest -I think we as a gaming community need to come together because the only ones who win when we fight amongst ourselves over these stupid console wars is the console makers themselves...a one company console future would be an ugly overpriced world for the rest of us-the gamers.