Batman: Arkham City | Inside Gaming Review

Batman: Arkham City is a sequel that delivers everything the first game had and a whole lot more.

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MasterCornholio2922d ago

Buying the PS3 version. Will be a great game to play.


jbiz3302922d ago

Game of the Year contender? I dont see much else beating this or Uncharted 3 (Gears and Deus Ex closest at a distant 3rd/4th) and Im not sold on this Battle of the Shooters nonsense coming up in a couple of weeks..

Either way. EXCELLENT year for gaming. AND holy sh!t next year looks to be even better!

Bart2922d ago

Buying the 360 version cant wait great game

TitanUp2922d ago

buying pc version we all will be happy gamers

Michael-Jackson2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

I watched an unboxing and

to my surprise, there's no case for the game in the collectors edition. Instead the game is at the back of the artbook with a plastic slot.

FALSE ADVERTISING! not a big deal though.