Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure Reviewed []

Skylanders is no ordinary console game but is rather based entirely around a set of action figures. You buy the original game and it comes with the game, a portal and 3 action figures being Spyro, Gill Grunt and Trigger Happy.

The action figures themselves are really well made and the game itself is surprisingly good.

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Motorola2921d ago

Seriously?? This is no 9.5 for anyone who played the PS1 Spyro games.. If other sites give it good scores I MIGHT look into trying this game though.


Working on the review myself and I have to say the reviewers on the Money this new Spyro game is actually very good! You guys have to let Spyro One go insomniac is done with it, and now it's activision baby. They did a good job.!

GavinMannion2921d ago

I didn't approach this review as a sequel to the Spyro game at all... It's a completely different beast

Venox20082921d ago

other sites are giving good scores too

Grimhammer002921d ago

Wtf is this action figure hybrid video game?