Atomic: Ken Rolston interview pt1 – The Fable failure

Atomic: In the first of our two-part interview with Ken Rolston, we discuss RPG standards, the importance of narrative and a core problem with Fable.

"And then at that point, partly, you’re testing the interface, but what I want you really to do as a player is say, ‘Do I want to be a guy who steals stuff?’ A guy who steals cups? That’s not very fucking cool, y’know. So that’s the experience I want. And it turns out to me that games like Fable, though they’re fun in a kind of a playful way, they’re not about morality or anything like that. It’s about fun, and I don’t mind fun. That’s just not a fun I want to do narratively."

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earbus2925d ago

Core problem for me is the medievil over used setting in rpgs fight a monster slay a dragon blah blah ,i found jade empire and mass effect one refreshing as it was in a new place even kotor was a joy . Most seem to follow some lord of the rings style magic quest some people are sick of cod well im sick of medievil dragon crap for the same reason.

NachosWithCheese2925d ago

Couldn't agree more. It's a shame to see developers flocking to the tried and proven fields of fantasy when forging new RPGs.

Bigpappy2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Who does better interviews that this guy? Thats the question. The answer: No body!

@ Earbus: I will take all of the above. I love open RPGs form medievil times for the majic and the primative and imaginitive settings. I also enjoy the old eastern culture and myphs,as well as the veriety that scifi offers.

What I love about Ken's games, is that they are very complexed. He allows for true freedom and you are never forced in any direction, so you feel like you really are the charecter you play. That is what I got from Morrowind.