Is The PlayStation 3 Tapped Out?

Naughty Dog - the best of the best when it comes to graphical productions on the PS3 - has hinted that Sony's console doesn't have any big visual leaps left.

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lazertroy2918d ago

The Agent really is GTA V. It will blow Uncharted 3 away and be a PS3 Exclusive.

Angels37852918d ago

That would be cool, but that seems VERY unlikely.

smashcrashbash2918d ago

Does it matter? Whether it is or it isn't by that time we will have a next gen console. A few of Sony's developers have already hinted they are working on next gen games.

nycredude2918d ago

THis article is bs. They (ND) actually said that there won't be a visual leap like that experience from UC 1 to UC 2, but that all work done now is in optimizing codes and making it more eficient. This is actually another way of finding more power in the consoles. PC developers should try it some times then we wouldn't have to buy a new video card every 2 to 3 years. Imaging what a top video card now could do if the pc developers really optimized for them? I mean look at Crysis 1 on pc. When that released hardly any pc could run it decent. now it can runon consoles and look damn good as a dlc. LOL