PSP Brings the Beats

IGN: With the launch of the PlayStation Store for PC (which allows gamers to grab content for home use and for PlayStation Portable), Sony let loose a few surprises that portable gamers might want to check out. In addition to full-fledged games (Wipeout Pure and Gangs of London are both downloadable directly to Memory Stick at reduced prices) and mini-modes (a portion of the multiplayer mode in Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow is downloadable for those who didn't pick up the full game), there are also trailers for movies and games. And hidden in that trailer section is a brand new game for the PSP titled simply "Beats."

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Chaos Striker3985d ago

I think the tens of millions of people who own a PSP do care (including myself).

pwnsause3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

well you are trolling, so you do care, dumbass.

Gothdom3985d ago

Games like Silent Hill origins and Castlevania Dracula X Chronicle would like a word with you

Skerj3985d ago

Beats looks dope, I'll be getting it.

kamisama3985d ago

I love my psp it can do so much more than my ds