Battlefield 3 Receives 'a Couple Million' Preorders

IGN: "In an interview with Fox Business, EA product manager Kevin O'Leary confirmed that Battlefield 3 has seen a huge amount of preorders."

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lazertroy2918d ago

What Should I get Battlefield 3 or Uncharted 3?

Oldman1002918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Battlecharted 3: Drakes Warfare

edit: I reported this article for not having 360 and PC tags but it got approved anyway. Awesome.

zeksta2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Old Man, didn't get his way ;)

FlareDReborn2918d ago

Im going with BF3...I mean i really want UC3 but man i just feel BF3 will have a high replay value for me. I'll eventually get UC3 after a while tho.

Perjoss2918d ago

I see your Both and I raise you Both + Batman AA

Hagaf222918d ago

I guess I'll have to go all in, both plus batman, and skyrim

TheBossMan2918d ago

@ Perjoss - I see your Both + Batman AA and raise you a Both + Batman AC.


TheFirstClassic2918d ago

There very different games, Uncharted 3 will have better single player and it will have local co op, but bf3 will probably have better multiplayer. You just have to go with which kind of game you want. Uncharted 3 for me. :)

SoapShoes2918d ago

Getting Uncharted 3 but Battlefield 3 will have to wait till probably December or January.

naruto3442918d ago

Omg dude I'm having the same problem!

Optical_Matrix2918d ago

Both if you can afford them. I know they're both day ones for me. My PS3 is gonna real busy in between those 2 and all the other games. Also did anyone notice the interviewers boobs? They're nice.

gypsygib2918d ago

Uncharted if you prefer SP over MP
BF3 if you prefer MP over SP

I canceled my BF3 pre-order, I much prefer SP and am getting Batman AC, Uncharted 3 and Elders Scrolls.

I'm happy playing Reach and Gears for MP, BF3 seems a little too much like spray and pray now.

Jayjayff2918d ago

Both! Uncharted for the single player which will be spectacular (never got into the multiplayer ) Bf3 because of its mighty multiplayer! (funnily enough i just rushed trough the campaign )I want jets now!

Detoxx2918d ago

uncharted 3: 8/9 hour solid single player, probably fun co-op, a not so good multiplayer.. battlefield 3: 7/8 hour single player, challenging co-op and the best multiplayer experience you can get, 3 years

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zeksta2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

So far, DICE have hyped this game so much it's improving sales daily, along with that a lot of good news has been coming in lately and I'm quite happy of it.

Battlefield 3 is catering for a lot of play styles, TDM for the Call of Duties, Rush for the Tactical and good ol' Conquest for the Battlefield Veterans.

@Hagaf22, I'm with you on that! :D

Hagaf222918d ago

It definitely offers fun for all. I can't wait till next tuesday.

RyuDrinksTheDew2918d ago

@1:44 he says, "Battlefield 2" haha.

Cosmit2918d ago

Yeah I heard that too. "New thing for Battlefield 2"

Cosmit2918d ago

I still wanna know.....what's the weather forecast? O_o

Ducky2918d ago

Weather forecast for tonight: dark.

Shackdaddy8362918d ago

Hmmm. Mostly cloudy where I live. A chance of rain maybe.

Edit: FatOldMan beat me to the sarcastic comment :\

SH0CKW4VE2918d ago

In Ireland we have rain, rain with some light rainy showers between intervals.

Well you didnt specify a country.

gamernova2918d ago

I'm canceling my preorder most likely. I'm still indecisive though.

2918d ago
gamernova2918d ago

I have MW3 coming in and I think that having two fps games is just a waste. I want to be able to prestige in cod without having to be like oh wait, let me not totally ignore battlefield. I played the beta and compared it to black ops/mw2 and I like CoD better although I am aware that it was just a beta. The time investment is what is stumping me. MW3 is for sure being bought.

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