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GP blogger, ShrimpyXD writes, "Need for Speed has lost its touch. Midnight Club is bland for me. Driver makes me feel like a cheater. I may not be completely picky about what video games I enjoy but one genre I have struggled to come to terms with is the racing genre. I have yet to sit down and completely enjoy a racing game for all of its aspects for quite a while. The last time I remember having fun with a racing game was Need for Speed: Most Wanted, a game released back in 2005. Personally, I haven't found any enthralling racing titles as good as NFSMW since then.

Among other things that I think about, one of them has been about what would make the perfect racing game. So, I've compiled a few qualities from NFSMW and certain aspects from other racing titles and if they were put together, well, I'd be a very happy person.

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