Square Enix Announces "Lord of Vermilion" for PS3

In a recent interview, square-enix announces "Lord of Vermilion" for the PS3. Note: according to the site, scans of the new issue of Famitsu or Dengeki(which ever one contains the interview)will come out in a couple of days.

Real gamer 4 life6089d ago

Another great game to look forward to from square enix? I hope it comes out In 08. But it clearly seem like sony has square full support. This is great because square is One of the most talented developers out there, and between them and level 5 there is not other developers that make better rpgs then these two.

mesh16089d ago

WHAT is thsi game nver ehard of it never seen it must be a rpg ps3fanboys dont get to excited plz

peksi6088d ago (Edited 6088d ago )

"WHAT is thsi game nver ehard of it never seen it must be a rpg ps3fanboys dont get to excited plz"

I almost needed a dictionary to decode that

Leg-End6088d ago

it's time to go to kindergarten now, go get ur coat and school bag ready and get off the computer!!!

jay36088d ago

Holy crap, Mesh, that's like one of those comments that people jokingly post, you know the ones that are too "1337" or just plain retarded to be true...

Sevir046088d ago

that was hilairious... Mesh needs to head back to pre-k so he could grasp the phonetic basics.

i almost needed a dicstionary to decode... you cant even decode that nonesence with a dictionary... ^^

Bubble Buddy6088d ago

reminds me of pokemon, vermilion city =P

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ErcsYou6089d ago

makes me think back to the good old days gaming.. right when i read that it instintly made me think of a game with a similar name...SWORD OF VERMILION for the sega genesis.... Does any body remember that or am i to old? ....

MK_Red6089d ago

Thank you... I was thinking for an hour about the name of game with Vermilion in it. I remember it, you are still young :)
The game was fun but I don't think it will be related to that Vermilion.

sticky doja6089d ago

But it probably has nothing to do with that game because if I remember correctly it was developed and owned by Sega.

coolfool6088d ago

Tear of vermilion on the PSP. Generic RPG, but it was fun while it lasted.

SIX6088d ago

Me and my bro bought that game with our allowance money for 80 bucks back in the day. The graphics where ahead of it's time.

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Charlie26886089d ago

This CRAZY number of games makes me wonder just how massive is SE development team and if they have the time to develop SO many games and for when more importantly

While its good they come up with more games I SERIOUSLY think they should at least finish some before announcing even more >.>

_Jedge6089d ago (Edited 6089d ago )

Well if they announce more it makes you want to buy more games. It also gives hype to the players and the fans.

SE has, of September 2003, Square Enix' production staff were divided in eight different Square teams: (found on wikipedia)

Oh yeah they can make games with eight developement teams. And hey, FF is an amzing series and it sells VERY well. They will make more and more games because 1. the games are always amazing. 2 it sells

Real gamer 4 life6089d ago

I just wish they would also announce a ff7 remake. Man I would buy the ultimate edition of that game. Please Square please announce