Game Revolution: Three hours with Skyrim Hands-On

I guarantee you that no matter where you look for a Skyrim preview anywhere on the internet, you won't find another one that describes a poor old woman's murder in such detail. In fact, those other websites probably won't even have a peep about elderly homicide by way of pyromania. That's what you get for coming to GR.
~Josh Laddin

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Drazz2921d ago

I think I've seen 8 "3 hours with skyrim" articles today....OMG the wait is getting worse.

stormeagle62921d ago

Yup, that's what happens when the embargo lifts on crazily anticipated games.

LostTokens2921d ago

So why is this game not out already? IT SHOULD BE OOUUUTT!!!

BigWoopMagazine2921d ago

ahhh totally jealous of you and your time with this game - although, I play quite differently, that's kind of the great thing about it. Can't wait!