NOS Free Arkham City DLC Promotion - Get A Free Batman Arkham City Skin

With one of the biggest games of the summer approaching, promotions for the game are starting to roll in. This is where NOS has joined in with the promotion of Arkham City.

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newn4gguy2919d ago

I'd kill for a Batman Beyond game by Rock Steady!

2919d ago
FalconR2892919d ago

Or a Batman the animated series Rocksteady game that covers Batman the animated series, New Batman Adventures, and Batman Beyond with the entire voice cast from thoughs series.

HebrewHammer2919d ago

Or I'd kill Rocksteady for not letting us use these costumes until we beat the game. I mean, how stupid is that?!

RockNRoller2918d ago

i'll kill them just because i'm the goddamn BATMAN!!!!!!, well not kill them just verge of death kinda thing

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Neo Nugget2919d ago

Didn't Toys R Us used to have this skin as a preorder bonus?

sashimi2919d ago

Terry McGinnis where are thou!

DarkBlood2919d ago

this was the skin i want the most but i'll make do with the sinestro corp skin from my 3d combo pack of green lantern

Rynx2918d ago

I second that. But I only got the non 3D version

xVeZx2919d ago

you have to get a point to get the code you cant just register and get the do i get a point? lol

rdgneoz32919d ago

buy their products and look for a code under the cap... I was hoping it was a free code / register for shit and get it, sadly it is not...

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The story is too old to be commented.