Four Changes the PSN Needs to Make

"There’s no doubt that we here at PSN Fans love our PS3s. With that said all good things have their faults and can do with some refinement. Usually at around this time (four or five years) into a console’s life-cycle, we’d be preparing for a turnover of generations that see new consoles toting much more powerful hardware, new media formats, and in this generation’s case, a whole new platform to distribute and play games: the online realm.

Since the beginning of this generation we’ve seen massive refinements to online services across all consoles, and seeing as how we’re not making that hardware transition any time soon, there’s likely to be more coming. Here are some improvements I’d like to see made before this PS3’s cycle ends." PSN Fans

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cain1412918d ago

I wish every game came with a demo.

Relientk772918d ago

That would be so nice, with games priced at $60 these days, I definitely agree with u.

darthv722918d ago

i'd like to see the mini's get demos as well. How will I know if I'm going to like the game if I cant try before I buy?

I did try my luck on "a space shooter for 2 bucks" and it was worth it.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2918d ago

I probably wouldn't have bought Infamous if I didn't play the demo first. After my experience with that game, I had Infamous 2 preordered in Feb and I preordered Festival of Blood yesterday. For better or worse, a demo will tell a gamer if he'll like the game or not. It might stop some of the really great games from getting overlooked, as well.

darthv722918d ago

the demo of the original infamous didnt impress me as much as the demo for infamous 2 did. Then when infamous was be3ing given as a game on the welcome back program I got it and it is pretty good.

Sometimes the demos dont do the games justice but without a demo you wont really know and for the most part you cant just return stuff like you could years ago.

Infamous I am having more fun with the full game than what they offered in the demo. It goes both ways.

SH0CKW4VE2918d ago

It definetely needs a more fluid system for inviting friends to games and messaging friends while in game.

Right now its convoluted to do either.

mandf2918d ago

How much easier does it need to get. You select your friend then send invite. Explain to me how much easier you can get. It takes FIVE count them five button pushes and bam invite sent. Xbox takes 4 presses of the button. This is a 2006 argument and a stupid one at that. This is the first gen of consoles that online play has become mainstream. Other than Sony, MS, and Steam, there is no other system to base any argument or comparison. I play video games not social features.

mandf2918d ago

Love the disagree with no explanation.

Too_many_games2918d ago

i think the reason that inviting/messaging people in game on the XMB sucks is because it tries to load up everything at once, if it JUST loaded up my friends list it would be fine but why bother opening up system settings if i cannot even use it?

mandf2918d ago

This garbage again. Nothing like beating a dead horse. You want social go to facebook. It's a VIDEO GAME system. The store lets you buy games and it works. Name ten other products that have the equivalent functions and features or better. Stop hating and enjoy what you have.

BitbyDeath2918d ago

A lot of Sony's OS issues stem from a lack of memory.
No amount of wishing will change what we have, even Home could be vastly better if it had a lot more RAM available.

Unfortunately we will have to wait for PS4 to improve a lot of the existing features.

Back to the games people.

PLAYER50952918d ago

this is nothin to do with psn but how bout being able to play music while in the store. fn stupid when listenin to music and when u go to the store it stops. really wish for that. listenin to some Bone Thugs N Harmony while browsin thru the store would b tight for me

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