8.0 Reviews Metal Slug 2

TerminalGamer writes: In the late 90’s the arcade cabinets were the greatest thing. Metal Slug 2 was among the most popular games. If you are lucky you can still find an arcade cabinet with that game on it now a days. What’s even better is now it’s available for purchase on the PlayStation Network as a NEOGEO Station game collection. Trying to fight the urge of getting the game, but at the same time not so sure if it’s worth it? Hold on to those quarters as you get ready to read our review to find out.

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TerminalGamer2927d ago

Nice little retro game for the PSP and the PS3

ftwrthtx2927d ago

Decent score for a retro title. Great for on the go gaming for my PSPgo.

kc_chang2927d ago

It's always nice to get this great arcade cabinet retro games.

elmaton982927d ago

Oh yes about time they have us a new metal slug game, one thing though, gimme metal slug 3 and I'm a happy man.