Forza 4 vs. GT5: Why Forza Is The Better 'Game'

MMGN writes: After having played Forza Motorsport 4 for the first time, I feel that there needs to be a better distinguishing of the terms 'videogame' and 'simulator'. Never have I come across a definition of 'game' that I have actually agreed with or been prepared to source, because I feel that most of the 'official' definitions out there aren't conceived in the actual name of the act of gaming.

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Brosy2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Forza is the better game and simulater. The physics in Forza are on par with GT5 the difficulty is just scaleable. I bet whoever wrote this article didn't even try out the true simulation of Forza. GT5 is an unfinished product. If GT5 were a finished product it might have a table to stand on. But as it is Forza is the better game for newcomers and purists alike.

I'm guessing that you didn't remove all the assists in Forza. As a matter of fact I know you didn't because Forza is a true simulater. It can be just as much a pain in the ass to drive as GT5.

Gaetano2925d ago

I just have to disagree. I love Forza, but it's showed me how misrepresented "sim" and "racer/game" are. GT5 is a driving sim. Forza is an arcade racing sim, a true blend between realistic driving and arcade progression and competitiveness. They are both, at their core, two different experiences imo. Their similar scope is what causes people to compare them. They're both massive racing games with unlocks and licensed cars, so there comes the comparison. One is a racing game, the other is a driving sim.

In my eyes anyway.

That said, I agree that GT5 just didn't feel finished, but I felt that its driving mechanics were uncompromisable and undoubtedly realistic.

StanLee2925d ago

These comparisons just need to stop but the articles will keep receiving 200 plus comments, so they wont.

sikbeta2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Exactly, none of them are Racing Sims, if you want that PC has some of those for you, GT is a Driving Simulator, it's in the title since the FIRST game, the racing elements make the game 1000000 times more enjoyable though...

2925d ago
darthv722925d ago

can someone like both?

This pissing contest is doing just that. Pissing people off that want to enjoy one or the other or even both.

No need for this crap.

Jonah_Reese2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Nope Darthv72 you cannot, saying would mean you are just that much less of a gamer.

In all seriousness, Forza caters to certain things people want (pick up and play like Darthv72 stated), most critics wanted what it delivered, which was a not-so-strict and too realistic approach like GT5.

teething2924d ago

This article is a great stealth troll article against Forza 4.

The irony is that Sony fans say that GT5 is more "sim" than Forza 3/4 (they call it "arcade"), but in reality both have the option to add as much or as little driving assists as you want.

Both are equally a blend of sim and arcade racer. Forza just goes further to also include more casual racers (Kinect steering).

And how do we know physics are better in GT5? Of course GT5 racers will think GT5 physics are better, because that is what they drive and know, thus anything that feels the same is good, and anything that feels different is bad.

I own a BMW 2002 T and can tell you that both games are not 100% accurate, but Forza 4 felt a bit more like the real experience.

I laugh at everyone who thinks they know how a Ferrari or a Lambo handle at the limit... you don't son, and neither do I.

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Megaton2925d ago

Forza may be the better game (entirely subjective), but it's certainly not the better sim. It's way more arcade than GT.

darthv722925d ago

pick up and play mechanics of an arcade racer.

It means more people can get into it quicker and enjoy it. GT series has that approach as well.

If you choose to get all deep and involved with the "simulation aspect" it is nice that both can accommodate.

SoapShoes2925d ago

A bunch of trolls in these topics trying to bash GT5 but quality shines through a bunch of idiotic postings on the internet. -_-

MariaHelFutura2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

One is for PS, one is for Xbox. If you love cars and gaming, get both.

Stop clicking on these articals. Not everything needs to be pitted against each other. Gamers are insecure and their insecurities are fueled by journalism. This is a sick, sick cycle that needs to stop. Competition is one thing, this is some else entirely.

DaTruth2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

If Forza actually was the better game we wouldn't need 100,000 articles trying to convince us!

When people feel the need to say something over and over when nobody asked, that thing is never true!

Please, it's time to stop!

Umb2925d ago

Mao once said....

Tell a lie 1000 times over and eventually it will become truth.

This is one type of mind manipulation that the communist system uses, heck even the western government and media uses this technique.

The other name for it is 'propaganda' or 'PR,' take your pick.

2925d ago
DaTruth2924d ago

Journalists are supposed to be objective; fanboys can say whatever they want!

How could you possibly think it's the same!

FlameBaitGod2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

If it was that much better, y would they continue to post articles trying to explain it to people ? Cant people decide for them self's?

Edit: Crap you beat me to it datruth

Pain2925d ago

I heard jerking the monkey could make you go blind .... But I'm not blind yet so I'll keep jerking the monkey.

Wait what we talking about again?

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Schism202925d ago

Polyphony took way too long to develop GT5 plain and simple.

Godmars2902925d ago

And yet Turn 10 needed two games to do better. Get close anyway.

I really wonder, then the next Forza that comes along has night and weather driving will such suddenly become relevant? Will we have to deal with the BS of Forza 5 being declared the sim driving king when GT6 isn't out.

kaveti66162925d ago

I guess that's my response to people who constantly bring up weather effects for GT5.

Since the PS3 is supposed to be twice as powerful as the 360, I think the reason why Turn 10 didn't include weather in Forza 4 is not necessarily that they couldn't, but that it would look unacceptably shitty. It already looks pretty bad in GT5.

2925d ago
Tito082924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

@ kaveti6616- Are you really smoking that green, I've seen GT5 on night racing and it's really stunning and beautiful, so your argument is invalid, having seen some other racing games featuring night and weather on 360, it's fucking inexcusable on Turn 10's part not to add it, it doesn't take a genius of a developer to make it happen.....

If it's because it would look shitty on Forza 4, that's Turn 10 or the 360's problem, has nothing to do with PD & PS3!!!!!!

@ DK286k- There are those true race fanatics that loves driving at night, night and weather are also indicators of how good you can be as a race driver, it is not required for most racing events, F1 and Lemans races still going on, even if there's rain, they still go for it, same as Rally, snow, rain or none, they go for it either way!!!!!

Number_132924d ago

Turn 10 only needed Forza 2 to beat GT5. The rest of the games are just added bonus for our enjoyment

Wh15ky2924d ago


"I guess that's my response to people who constantly bring up weather effects for GT5."

Then it's not a very good one.

Most of us here have played GT5 and know fine well that it looks considerabley better than those screenshots so they're not convincing anybody.

moparmogul2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

A lot of people on this site love to point out and say that Forza 3 was the real game to compare GT5 to, or that it took Turn 10 two games to "catch up"..
This confuses me.
Each of these games are more or less a year apart. Forza 3 game out October 2009, GT5 in November 2010 and lastly, Forza 4 came out October 2011. Care to explain why you consider it taking them 2 games? I could understand if both Forza 3 & 4 came out after GT5, but they didn't, the third one came out over a year before GT5 dropped. This argument doesn't make any sense.

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shikamaroooo2925d ago

You do know Forza has been recycling game engines where as it took PD 2 years to make a "Next Gen " game engine for gran turismo true story

2925d ago
Bathyj2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

I'd rather they took their time, as opposed to yearly updates.

Hmmm, disagrees uh?
You WANT yearly updates?
How long before Forza is the CoD/WWE or racing titles? and I dont means sales, but quality and innovation.

kaveti66162925d ago

I don't know. How long? You seem able to predict the future. Despite the fact that Turn 10 has not developed a yearly Forza title, you seem to be pinning this nonexistent characteristic on to the series.

That's kind of sad.

But you also seem to be neglecting all of the Gran Turismo titles that have released between GT4 and GT5.

SixZeroFour2925d ago

it seems like forza games are on 2 year cycles (along with other AAA games out there) so im kinda curious as to where you get "yearly updates" from

Bathyj2925d ago

I didnt say they WERE yearly updates, I was saying I wouldnt like to see it happen.

ChrisGTR12925d ago

hmm.. i dont see any innovation in gt5. its the same exact game weve been playing since gt1 with better graphics...

Godmars2902925d ago

And what does Forza 4 do that's different besides use Kinect?

GT5 has night/day driving and transitions, weather and track modification which is a step from custom tracks.

As far as I hear Forza's big thing is custom paint, decal design and HD showroom models of cars including a Warthog from Halo, which you don't actually get to drive.

Say what you will about PD, but if they put a car in GT they will make it drivable.

kaveti66162925d ago

"As far as I hear...."

Then you have absolutely no right to talk about a game you haven't played, but have merely heard things about.

And, pray tell, from whom do you regularly hear things about Forza? From people on this site?

DigitalRaptor2924d ago

You can tell people off for not having played a game all you want.

You didn't actually answer the guy's question though!

sikbeta2925d ago

All people say that but none realize that PD wasn't only making GT5 for 5 years, they made Turist Trophy in 2006, then moved on to PS3 and started GTHD and HD wasn't meant to be GT5, then people were waiting for GT5, so they made Prologue, then they made GT Portable and after all that, GT5 came out, they did it all by themselves with no help from the WWS.

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ME19892925d ago

They're both excellent games. Goddamn, can't you guys just give it a rest already.

QuantumWake2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

We already have two of these articles. Both of which are already in the hottest topics for today. Why do we need another one? Who's approving this?


HeavenlySnipes2925d ago

its a 'simulator' that makes itself extremely accessible to casual racing fans. It has all the aesthetic customization, and the racing isn't very hard, even with MOST of the assists turned off. GT is freaking hard though. People become pro racers and shit from playing that game lol.

I love the weather effects and stuff in GT5, and Sec 2.0 does nothing but raise the game to another level. Honestly, if the game was reviewed RIGHT NOW, it would (or should) get the same scores as Forza. I guess both games series are great, but this is just the opinion of a causal sim racing fan