Leaked BF3 Download For PC Is Only Cloned, Unplayable

Update: The earlier report about Battlefield 3 downloads for PC is proven to be a non-working version of the game without any cracks.

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zeal0us2919d ago

Thats showing them pirates, but soon as the game comes out I'm pretty sure someone will throw the game on a torrent site with some cracks.

jashmister2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Actually a clone DVD is the full retail game and its what the crackers need to crack the game, this is normal and because of the games popularity it probably will be cracked within the next week.

Also it doesn't really matter, multiplayer usually never works unless a game supports LAN and BF3 is really only about the MP, so they will have to buy it anyway to play the game properly

SH0CKW4VE2918d ago

And not forgetting BF3 doesnt support LAN so they wont even be able to set up their own server.

Semir2919d ago

crack coming tomorrow

Motorola2919d ago

Yeah I heard about that..

Angels37852919d ago

Where did you guys hear about that?

hiredhelp2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Who's gonna be first he wonders
SkidRow or realoaded. Hmmmmm
Mind you razor been in the game for very long time. Anyways watevet scene
You cant play mp you need chanhe the language in reg file.

Cant wait buy this in 2 weeks time some them huge maps on pc jaw dropping.

Legion2919d ago

Game is already for sale in the Lotus Mall. Dealer says it is only single player though. Sure the multiplayer crack is coming soon and the Lan Cafes here will be swarmed with the game.

AfricanWoolf2919d ago

There are already some working cracks out there.

With a multiplayer focused game like BF3 or COD these kind of leaks aren't as bad as people make out. They're definitely not good, but they're not a catastrophe.

If people love the game they'll buy it for the multiplayer.

Angels37852919d ago

As far as my friends tell me, the cracks that are out now do not work.

hiredhelp2918d ago

TRUST ME there no working cracks. to allow you to play this game (NOW) actually there are not loads just 1.
no matter how many times some people may want to change the name make it there own.

Only one replica copy out there and 1 crack on the scene.
I dont use peer to peer eeewww
infestation. I will hopfully get my hands on this early (newsgroups) for sp to get to grips with the game before my limited edition from sends me my copy to play the SP/CO-OP/MP.

fashionfreakj862919d ago

Damn you bastards!!!

13lackDeath2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Good luck booting the pirated clone through Origin and through battle log. You need to do both to play single player and multiplayer.

There won't be a crack by the time the game is released, it's pointless. Buy the damn game, it's well worth it.

Plus you need a Online pass to play multiplayer to begin with. I don't see a keygen coming out for it.

There are three pirate deterrents put in place.

1) Origin Boot Up
2) Battle Log
3) Online Pass
*Game is based around online play

Pirates Fail. DICE knows what they are doing, they even said pirates aren't a threat to them.

hiredhelp2919d ago

There not a threat to them. Its the hackers messin with servers. This game gonna sell big time i cant wait.

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