Photos from ‘Batman: Arkham City’ Launch at Toys R Us Times Square

100 of those Dark Knight fans were able to get the game, comics and branded Batman merchandise autographed by Arkham City’s Game Director Sefton Hill, legendary Batman voice Kevin Conroy and DC Comics co-publisher and artist Jim Lee.

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cbclerk2928d ago

Conroy is a legend in the voice acting world. Still the only animated Batman for me.

Bags_BuzzFocus2928d ago

i have to agree with that. i can deal with Diedrich Bader in brave and the bold, but that's only because it's a completely different style that's more humorous and rarely dark

SH0CKW4VE2928d ago

Pffft he doesnt even compare to "IM NOT THE ONE WEARING HOCKEY PANTS"

What a classic line, it will forever be assimilated into batman culture.

FuseUnison2928d ago

The line is, "I'm not wearing hockey PADS", and while I loved The Dark Knight, Christian Bale's Batman voice is absolutely horrible. He sounds like just ate a block of cheese, drank a gallon of milk, and smoked 3 cartons of cigarettes, lol. =)

Bags_BuzzFocus2928d ago

the one on the far right is Jim Lee